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By integrating solar energy into your existing Eskom supply, our solution takes care of your energy needs during daytime operating hours. Eskom Tariffs are some of the highest in the world, having increased by 400% over the past decade. They are now seeking a 20% Annual Tariff Increase and its crippling South African businesses. Load shedding is not an issue anymore, but their R500 Billion Debt will affect your bottom line for years to come. Using your location & Utility Bills from the past 6 months, we measure your energy consumption and provide a solution that specifies monetary figures (your savings and ROI). We’ve been doing this for over a decade and will cross a few zeros off your Utility Bills.

Our team of Engineers & Solution Specialists are saving factories between R500 000 – R1 million per year and have completed some of the largest Solar PV projects in the country. These include shopping malls, schools, Factories , and Africa’s largest solar-run Hospital: http://turnkeyenergy.co.za/projects/commercial-and-industrial/

Not only do we oversee the entire process of Engineering, Procurement & Construction; but we also assist with tax rebates and financing of the project. The CapEx need not be an issue, as we recently assisted a company with finance, whereby their savings outranked their repayments by R1.5 Million in the first year. You are essentially cash positive from Month One. Integrating Solar Energy into your current infrastructure is not about good environmental PR anymore. It’s become an operational requirement.